How To Cheer Up An INFJ – A Comprehensive Guide

Are you struggling to cheer up your INFJ friend or loved one?

As complex and introverted individuals, INFJs can be difficult to understand and comfort when they’re feeling down.

But fear not, because we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips and tricks to lift their spirits.

From giving them space to exercising together, we’ll explore various ways to help your INFJ feel better and create lasting memories with them.

So, let’s dive in and learn how to cheer up an INFJ!

How To Cheer Up An INFJ

1. Give Them Space

When an INFJ is feeling down, they often need time alone to process their emotions. It’s important to respect their need for space and not take it personally. Let them know that you’re there for them when they’re ready to talk or hang out.

2. Plan Something They’ll Love

INFJs are adventurous at heart and love experiencing new things. Plan a surprise activity or trip that you know your INFJ will enjoy. This could be a weekend getaway to a new place, an outdoor adventure, or a visit to an art museum. Creating new memories with the people closest to their hearts is something that INFJs cherish.

3. Be A Listening Ear

INFJs are known for being great listeners, but they also need someone to listen to them when they’re feeling down. Be there for your INFJ friend or loved one and let them know that you’re there to listen without judgment.

4. Show Them Affection (With Permission)

Physical touch can be comforting for INFJs, but it’s important to ask for their permission before showing any affection. A simple hug or holding hands can go a long way in making them feel loved and supported.

5. Exercise Together

Exercise can help INFJs get in touch with a healthy form of Extraverted Sensing and release natural stress-relieving endorphins in the brain. Whether it’s going for a jog or doing some yoga together, any form of exercise can help them snap out of an unhealthy stress phase.

6. Encourage Their Artistic Pursuits

Many INFJs have an artistic pursuit, such as drawing, music, or writing. Show interest in their work and ask if they’d like to share it with you. This can make them feel appreciated and valued for their unique talents.

7. Don’t Overload Them With Emotions

INFJs are highly empathetic and often feel overwhelmed by other people’s emotions. When trying to cheer up an INFJ, it’s important not to overload them with too much emotional content. Keep things light and positive, and let them know that you’re there for them no matter what.

Understanding The INFJ Personality

To effectively cheer up an INFJ, it’s important to understand their personality traits. INFJs are highly sensitive and empathetic individuals who absorb the emotions of those around them. They often have a strong sense of intuition and can pick up on subtle cues that others might miss. INFJs are also known to be organized and enjoy having a plan, but they also have a spontaneous side and enjoy experiencing new things.

However, INFJs can struggle with processing their own emotions. They may have difficulty sorting out their feelings with their thinking side and need an external way to get their emotions out. Writing in a journal, speaking with a trusted friend, or saying their emotions out loud can help them process their feelings through Extraverted Feeling. It’s important to give them the space to express themselves without judgment.

INFJs are often people-pleasers who care deeply about others, but they may not always receive the same level of care in return. They can be their own worst enemy and struggle with self-protection. Showing genuine care and affection can make them feel valued and lift their spirits.

It’s important to avoid stereotypes and labels when interacting with INFJs. Being sensitive is a trait that’s part of their personality, not a disorder or problem to be fixed. INFJs may prefer solitary activities over group events and may not fit into traditional gender roles. Avoiding judgmental statements and giving them space to recharge can help them feel respected and understood.

Give Them Space To Process Their Emotions

One of the most important things to remember when trying to cheer up an INFJ is to give them space to process their emotions. INFJs are known for having intricate inner worlds and can take a long time to sort out their feelings. They need time alone to reflect and understand what they’re going through.

It’s essential to respect their need for space and not take it personally. Let them know that you’re there for them when they’re ready to talk or hang out. INFJs value close relationships, but they also need time alone to recharge their batteries.

If you try to force an INFJ to talk or spend time with you when they’re not ready, it can make them feel overwhelmed and stressed. This can cause them to withdraw even further and make it harder for them to open up in the future.

Instead, give them space and let them know that you’re available when they need you. This will help them feel supported and loved without feeling like they’re being pressured or suffocated.

Once your INFJ friend or loved one has had time to process their emotions, they may be more open to spending time with you and talking about what’s been going on. Just remember to be patient and understanding, and let them take the lead on how much they want to share.

Show Them Empathy And Validation

INFJs are highly sensitive individuals who can easily become overwhelmed by the emotions of others. When they’re feeling down, it’s important to show them empathy and validation for their feelings. This means acknowledging their emotions and letting them know that it’s okay to feel the way they do.

One way to show empathy is to actively listen to what they have to say without judgment. INFJs appreciate having someone who can understand them on a deeper level, and being able to express their emotions can be a cathartic experience for them. It’s important to validate their feelings and let them know that their emotions are valid and important.

Another way to show empathy is through physical touch, but it’s important to ask for permission before doing so. A simple hug or holding hands can go a long way in making an INFJ feel loved and supported.

Lastly, it’s important not to overload an INFJ with too much emotional content. While they may be great listeners, they can easily become overwhelmed by the emotions of others. Keep things light and positive, and let them know that you’re there for them no matter what. By showing empathy and validation, you can help an INFJ feel understood and supported during a difficult time.

Engage In Meaningful Conversations

Engaging in meaningful conversations is a great way to cheer up an INFJ. INFJs value deep and authentic conversations with others, and they thrive on connecting with people on a deeper level. They appreciate people who are genuine and sincere, and they enjoy spending time with those who share their values and beliefs. When trying to cheer up an INFJ, it’s important to have conversations that are meaningful and authentic.

To engage in meaningful conversations, try to ask open-ended questions that allow them to share their thoughts and feelings. Avoid small talk and instead focus on topics that they are passionate about. INFJs love to learn from others, so try sharing your own experiences and insights as well. This can help create a deeper connection between you and the INFJ.

It’s also important to listen actively during conversations with an INFJ. They value being heard and understood, so make sure to give them your full attention when they’re speaking. Show interest in what they’re saying by asking follow-up questions or offering your own thoughts on the topic.

Finally, be patient during conversations with an INFJ. They often take their time to process their thoughts and emotions, so don’t rush them or pressure them to share more than they’re comfortable with. Let the conversation flow naturally and enjoy the deep connection that comes with engaging in meaningful conversations with an INFJ.

Plan A Fun And Low-Key Activity Together

INFJs love spending quality time with the people they care about, but they also need time to recharge. Plan a fun and low-key activity that you can do together, such as a movie night or game night at home. INFJs appreciate intimate and meaningful experiences, so make sure to choose something that allows for deep conversation and connection. You could also try cooking a meal together or having a picnic in a nearby park. Remember to keep the activity low-key and stress-free, as INFJs can easily become overwhelmed by too much stimulation. By planning a relaxing and enjoyable activity together, you can help your INFJ friend or loved one feel supported and cared for during a difficult time.

Get Moving With Exercise Or Outdoor Activities

For INFJs, exercise can be a great way to maintain a consistent mood and fight off negative feelings. Engaging in any form of physical activity releases natural stress-relieving endorphins in the brain, making it easier to relax and feel better. Outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, rock climbing, and surfing are great options for INFJs who love to be adventurous and enjoy nature. If the weather is not cooperating, a stretch and toning-focused workout like barre can also be a good choice.

It’s important to note that INFJs can be stubborn about engaging in physical activities they don’t find interesting or fun. The key is to notice what physical activities are already built into their routine and what they currently enjoy. If they love catching up with coworkers during lunch, going on a lunchtime walk with them would be much easier to integrate into their routine than creating a whole new habit.

INFJs can also benefit from pursuing a health goal to improve their strength, flexibility, and energy levels. This can be done alone or through group sports, which are a great way to exercise their extroverted loop as they cooperate with others (extroverted feeling – Fe) and push themselves physically (extroverted sensing – Se) as they strive to win.

In addition to exercise, engaging in daily acts of creativity can also influence general wellbeing for INFJs. Activities such as painting, drawing, or writing can help them experience more positive emotions. However, it’s important not to force creativity when feeling stressed. Taking a break and going for a walk in nature can help refresh the mind and body.

Overall, any physical activity outdoors or at the gym can be beneficial for INFJs’ physical and mental health. It’s just as important as eating and sleeping, something that needs to be done regularly.